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Ramps of Hope

Ramps of Hope

Offering Help, Making a Difference, One Ramp at a time


In the end of 2012, Vandergrift First UMC welcomed a new mission.

Who they Serve

Ramps of Hope serve those with a short term or a long term need for a ramp to safely enter and exit their homes.

We serve those living in or near the following areas:


They provide semi-permanent ramps that can be relocated if the recipient moves or no longer needs the ramp. They also supply the materials and all labor needed for construction and installation. Last but not least, they supply the utmost love and support in your time of need.

Who they Are

Our mission, as brothers and sisters in Christ, is to help those in need enhance their quality of life by improving ramps to increase accessibility

We are an alliance of United Methodist Churches in the following counties.


People who are seeking to demonstrate the Love of Jesus to their neighbors in a practical way!

We are builders, business people, retirees, Pastors, nurses, therapists, educators, social workers, students, teens, and adults who have a passion to help others.


If you know of anyone in need of a ramp, please free to contact us at 724-568-5575.